Account Connect Limited is focused on the debt relief and accounts receivable management sectors of financial services. We work closely with credit grantors, debt buyers, collection agencies and retail collection attorneys engaged in the collection and recovery of delinquent and charged off debt, as well as debt relief providers offering credit card debt settlement programs and student loan debt relief services.

Debt Relief Companies

Debt Settlement Contract Funding

Maximizing contract value to unlock deferred income and accelerate growth.

Student Loan Advance Pay Program

Accelerating cash flows for companies performing student loan debt restructuring services.

Consulting and Training

We provide customized programs designed to align teams and increase productivity.

Creditor Relations Services

Creating collaborative partnerships that result in increased operational efficiency.

Legal Compliance Review

Helping to ensure compliance with all aspects of licensing, operations, sales and marketing.

Creditors / Collectors

Enhancing Portfolio Value

We help creditors and collectors uncover payment-ready settlement opportunities.

Data Scrubbing Services

Proactive account location and monitoring services help increase liquidations.

Outreach and Client Relations

Creating collaborative partnerships that result in increased operational efficiency.

Law Firms

Verified Debt Relief Enrollment Scrubs

Optimizing your account segmentation strategy to include debt relief enrollments is key to lowering your collection and litigation cost across your collection portfolios.

Portfolio Liquidation Consulting

Legal recovery remains the highest cost channel in accounts receivable management, and the costs associated with compliance, consumer litigation defense and the associated costs of legal filings and court costs continue to eat away at profits in this segment of every collection portfolio.

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