Creditors / Collectors

The Accounts Receivable Management industry is constantly adapting to regulations, litigation trends, rising costs and increased compliance burdens.  All these factors continue to challenge creditors, debt buyers and collectors to embrace new technologies and discover innovative strategies to drive down costs and increase liquidation margins.

Today, nothing can be overlooked in the effort to increase profitability for companies burdened by these and the unforeseen challenges ahead.  Yet many creditors and agencies overlook an ever-growing population of distressed consumers that currently, according to a recent study by TransUnion, make up over 11% of collection portfolios.  These highly motivated consumers, with an associated payment-ready account, are among the most highly profitable collection accounts in any debt portfolio.

At Account Connect Limited, our consultants and coaches intimately understand the debt settlement industry and possess deep relationships across this vertical with the largest companies doing business today.  We’ve bridged the gap between these industries created automated systems and processes that mutually benefit all parties concerned.  As a result, our clients locate more accounts suitable for settlement, realize higher liquidations in this market segment, and collect more debt at a lower cost as compared to similar strategies.

Learn more about how we help creditor and collectors realize greater profitability.

Enhancing Portfolio Value

We help creditors and collectors uncover payment-ready settlement opportunities.

Data Scrubbing Services

Proactive account location and monitoring services help increase liquidations.

Outreach and Client Relations

Creating collaborative partnerships that result in increased operational efficiency.

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