Data Scrubbing Services

As a leading provider of operational consulting services to the debt relief industry, our team of consultants and coaches have a deep understanding of the debt relief industry and maintain close working relationships with many of the leading debt relief providers operating today. One of the services we offer is to help debt relief providers optimize their databases, cleansing consumer account enrollment data, and normalizing various data sets to enhance match rates with creditors and collectors seeking to locate debt settlement accounts for liquidation.

To learn more about our Data Scrubbing Services Programs, contact us today.

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Capitalize on the Ever-growing Debt Relief Asset Segment

Account Connect Limited has helped numerous collectors, debt buyers and collection law firms build collection strategies designed to capitalize on the ever-growing debt relief asset segment.  Through our relationships that span the debt relief industry, we can help you reach more companies and identify more accounts for liquidation with much less effort than managing the process in-house.

Contact us today and let us develop a debt relief account scrubbing strategy to help enhance your liquidations.

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