Enhancing Portfolio Value

The accounts receivable management industry continues to face challenges and pressures from regulation, compliance, and the rising cost of human capital. Developing effective collection strategies and identifying new opportunities to lower costs and increase liquidation rates is key for companies seeking to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

At Account Connect Limited, we specialize in working with creditors and debt buyers seeking to maximize recoveries in their fresh and aged portfolios. Our unique data models and account verification services can uncover previously hidden liquidation opportunities, uncovering payment ready account opportunities while reducing the associated commission-based collection expense on these highly liquid accounts.

Contact us today and let us help you design a strategy to breathe new life into your liquidation strategies.

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Uncover Hidden Portfolio Value

A recent study by TransUnion noted that 11.4% of collection portfolios contain highly-liquid, payment-ready consumer accounts enrolled in debt settlement programs*.  These consumers model in a very different way than these accounts actually liquidate.  The key to maximizing portfolio values is identifying these accounts early in the collection cycle, applying a low-cost, commission free liquidation strategy, and settling these accounts in bulk, reducing labor and other related collection costs such as mail and telecommunications expense.  Contact us today and let us analyze your portfolios and show you how to uncover these hidden collection opportunities.

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