Outreach and Client Relationships

Today, there are over 500 debt settlement companies actively operating in the US and hundreds more companies that offer ancillary services in the debt relief space. Building an effective strategy to identify, contact and liquidate these highly-liquid, payment ready accounts can be complex and resource intensive. Add to this the burdens of compliance and vendor management and the task of leveraging this segment of the consumer collections population and you quickly realize the complexity of developing an effective strategy across the debt relief channels.

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Develop Extensive Relationships

Account Connect Limited has developed extensive relationships with hundreds of debt settlement companies and debt relief providers representing millions of consumers enrolled in these types of programs.  Our team of consultants works closely with the largest companies across the debt relief industry and can design an effective strategy for your organization with a focus on compliance and reducing vendor management headaches.

With Consumer debt growing at a record pace, aggressive government oversight and regulation of the debt settlement and consumer trust account balances continuing to grow, there has never been a better time to evaluate this segment of distressed consumers to help improve your liquidations rates.  Let us show you how to tap into the potential of these highly-motivated consumer accounts.

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