Creditor Relations

An effective settlement strategy begins with a close, strategic working relationship between the creditor and the debt settlement company. While historically adversarial, the relationship between creditors, collectors and debt buyers has grown more symbiotic over the years.

Today, successful Debt Settlement Companies understand the need for a close working relationship between all parties, and work to create a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits all concerned, most notable, the consumer desiring to the settle their outstanding obligations.

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At Account Connect Limited

Many of our consultants and coaches come from the credit and collection industry and understand the companies that operate in this arena. We will work closely with your teams to transfer our vast knowledge and help you develop the tools, resources and strategies to uncover hidden settlement opportunities within your enrollment inventory.

We can help your team develop:

  • Bulk Scrubbing Settlement Strategies
  • Aging Cycle Settlement Strategies
  • Creditor Specific Settlement Strategies
  • Legal Settlement Strategies
  • Account Location Strategies
  • Purchased Asset Settlement Strategies
  • Nontraditional Asset Class Settlement Opportunities

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