Debt Settlement
Contract Funding Program

After the FTC and CFPB regulated the Debt Relief Industry in 2010 through the Revised Telemarketing Sales Rule, companies providing debt relief services were banned from accepting advanced fees from consumers until the consumer received a tangible benefit. This presented a challenge for many companies forced to recognize high client acquisition and serving costs at the front end of the debt relief program, while deferring revenues for months out.

Account Connect Limited recognized early on that debt relief providers needed a short-term bridge to address cash flows from the time of new client enrollments through the early stages of revenue acquisition. Our Cash Flow PlusTM Program was designed to provide a readily available source of short-term operating capital, funded upon contract enrollment, at a discount to the anticipated gross revenues of the debt relief services contract.

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The Cash Flow Plus™ Program Provides

  • A readily available source of financing to offset short-term cash flow deficiencies
  • Predictable funding costs based on debt type, debt amount, debtor’s state of residence and the original creditor
  • The highest payout rates available in the industry
  • Full amount of the discounted contract funding value upon approval
  • No waiting for downstream residual payouts

All funded contracts require the consumer to open a managed trust account with Reliant Account Management (RAM) upon enrollment in the debt relief program. While we do not require you to move all your payment processing services to Reliant Account Management, all contracts funded through the Cash Flow PlusTM Program must reside with RAM throughout the course of the debt relief program.

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