Law Firms

Law Firms

Retail Collection Law Firms play a vital in the recovery of the roughly $50 billion in receivables returned to creditors each year.  While this channel is both necessary and effective in recovering unpaid receivables, it also represents the costliest channel across the collection industry.

High, skilled labor costs, extensive account documentation, ever increasing compliance costs and court costs all play a part in reducing the overall net receivables for creditors recovering debt through their legal networks.  Maximizing liquidation rates and net recoveries are directly related to controlling or reducing collection costs associated with recoveries through various legal networks.  Automating collections, and reducing manual, human processes further help to improve net recoveries.

At Account Connect Limited, we understand the challenges and complexities surrounding legal collections and legal networks and have developed strategies and unique data services designed to help optimize recoveries across legal networks, reducing costs and improving the collection performance of your firm in the process.  We have helped law firms of all sizes develop an effective, cost-saving strategy to identify highly-motivated, payment ready accounts ideally suited for settlement without the added expense of protracted litigation and judgment enforcement.  Our Verified Debt Relief Enrollment Scrubs help locate the most profitable accounts, most likely to pay allowing your firm to focus their efforts on the accounts most suited for litigation.

Learn more about how we help law firms realize greater profitability.

Verified Debt Relief Enrollment Scrubs

Optimizing your account segmentation strategy to include debt relief enrollments is key to lowering your collection and litigation cost across your collection portfolios.

Portfolio Liquidation Consulting

Legal recovery remains the highest cost channel in accounts receivable management, and the costs associated with compliance, consumer litigation defense and the associated costs of legal filings and court costs continue to eat away at profits in this segment of every collection portfolio.

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