Portfolio Liquidation Consulting

Legal recovery remains the highest cost channel in accounts receivable management, and the costs associated with compliance, consumer litigation defense and the associated costs of legal filings and court costs continue to eat away at profits in this segment of every collection portfolio. The total cost of collections in legal status can reach 40-50% or more, greatly reducing the net recoveries for your client.

Having an intelligent segmentation and collection strategy, especially as it related to highly-motivated, payment-ready accounts enrolled with debt relief companies can greatly reduce your collection costs and increase your net back to your clients. The key to developing this strategy is having the right partner, with the most current and relevant data sources and extensive relationships across the debt relief industry.

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Operational Teams & Management

At Account Connect Limited, our team of consultants and coaches work closely with the leading debt relief providers across the industry and have developed extensive relationships with the operational teams and management at these companies.  We have been able to assist our clients in developing highly effective, non-adversarial strategies to maximize liquidations across the segment of debt settlement accounts in their legal collection portfolios.  By developing a strategic, mutually beneficial strategy, we have been able to reduce collection costs and efforts while increasing liquidation rates and net recoveries.

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