Verified Debt Relief Enrollment Scrubs

Optimizing your account segmentation strategy to include debt relief enrollments is key to lowering your collection and litigation cost across your collection portfolios.  With debt settlement enrollments now exceeding 11% in collection portfolios, law firms and legal networks can no longer afford to ignore this segment of highly-motivated, payment ready accounts when developing an effective account segmentation strategy.

Through our extensive relationships with debt relief providers and other companies supporting the debt relief industry, Account Connect Limited has developed one of the most comprehensive databases of consumer debt accounts enrolled with leading debt relief providers.  Our Verified Debt Relief Enrollment Scrubs are designed to help you locate these payment-ready accounts, determine if the account is currently active in the program, and expose those accounts with the highest propensity to pay and the lowest likelihood to break a term settlement agreement.

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Reduce Time and Costs

Our verified debt relief enrollment scrubs help to reduce the time and costs associated with your high cost personnel on accounts motivated to pay, allowing you to focus these resources on those accounts requiring greater attention to efforts around litigation and judgment enforcement. By optimizing your work queue’s to more closely align with the consumer’s willingness and ability to pay, as demonstrated by actual savings and historical payment history, we can help you increase your net recoveries in this segment of your collection portfolios.

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