Who We Are

Account Connect Limited is a strategic consultancy focused on the debt relief and accounts receivable management sectors of financial services. We draw on our team’s cross-industry expertise to develop collaborative solutions designed to enhance operational performance, create a transformative culture, align teams and grow leaders to achieve dramatic improvements in efficiency, quality of service and profitability.

Our programs and consulting services are specifically designed to create a more effective, less adversarial and mutually beneficial, relationship between all parties in the debt relief and accounts receivable management industry. Our partners, consultants and coaches are subject matter experts in the fields of credit, risk, collections, debt purchasing, tax, debt settlement, student loan, compliance, marketing and sales and have a combined 50 plus years of experience across these disciplines.

Who We Serve

Creditors – Collectors – Debt Buyers – Collection Law Firms

Many of our consultants have worked extensively in senior executive positions across the accounts receivable management industry, possess a deep working knowledge in credit risk and collections and the myriad challenges affecting the industry today.  Account Connect Limited’s team brings our vast knowledge of the debt relief industry and our proprietary data services to identify new liquidation opportunities on highly profitable, payment-ready accounts that will greatly enhance your portfolio values.

Learn more about how we work in the Accounts Receivable Management Industry.

Enhancing Portfolio Value

We help creditors and collectors uncover payment-ready settlement opportunities.

Outreach and Client Relations

Creating collaborative partnerships that result in increased operational efficiency.

Data Scrubbing Services

Proactive account location and monitoring services help increase liquidations.

Debt Relief Providers

Many of our leaders have over a decade of experience working with some of the largest debt relief organizations in the US. Our knowledge of the issues and challenges facing the industry today, from regulatory compliance to market insights to operational efficiency, is second to none. Through numerous investment funds, we have developed some of the most innovative capital financing programs, used by the largest debt relief providers. But it is our consulting programs and training services which were created to build strategic processes using data-driven strategies to amplify profitability and enhance the most valuable capital in your organization – The Human Capital.

Learn more about how we work with Debt Relief Providers.

Debt Settlement Contract Funding

Maximizing contract value to unlock deferred income and accelerate growth.

Student Loan Advance Pay Program

Accelerating cash flows for companies performing student loan debt restructuring services.

Consulting and Training

We provide customized programs designed to align teams and increase productivity.

Creditor Relations Services

Creating collaborative partnerships that result in increased operational efficiency.

Legal Compliance Review

Helping to ensure compliance with all aspects of licensing, operations, sales and marketing.

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